Phone Covers For Cat Lovers

In these modern times, smartphones are becoming more and more essential to everyday living. Some devices are priced so high that it would be a pity to see them broken when accidentally dropped to the floor or cracked when bumping into a hard object. That is why phone covers are necessary accessories for smartphones.

A good phone cover protects the phone from external damage. It should be able to act as a cushion for the phone and absorb impacts and shocks to protect the delicate parts inside. It should also be able to provide a good grip so that the phone won’t easily fall to the ground. This is especially helpful for users who are working in harsh or busy environments. The phone case should also serve as a layer of defense against environmental elements such as dust, water, and heat.

Phone covers are made from various materials and can come in a variety of designs. As a cat owner or as someone who knows a fellow cat lover, you can choose from a wide array of cute designs featuring cats. To help you choose some good phone covers, take a look at our list and see if there’s one that you’d like.

Bcov iPhone 11 Case

The Bcov iPhone 11 Case is a charming case that is perfect for cat lovers. Designed with two cute kitties at the front and back and the lock, it is a cute gift to show appreciation and love for someone special, such as a best friend, a lover, or a sibling who loves cats. It is multi-functional, too, since it has card slots and a side pocket for coins, notes, receipts, and other small documents. It also has a built-in kickstand and magnetic lock for your convenience.

Litech™ Case for Apple iPhone

The Litech Case for Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 is a perfect choice for cat lovers who want a simple but eye-catching design. The case’s black background allows the phone to blend in formal settings while still allowing the cat owners to tell the world about their love for cats. The peeking cat is super adorable; it will surely catch a lot of compliments. Aside from looking good, the case is durable, too, since it is made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, which protects the phone from scratches and bumps.

iPhone 6S Cat Case

The KIOMY iPhone 6S Case Cute Cat is perfect for teens or even adult cat lovers who want a fun and adorable phone case. It keeps its design simple by using a transparent material so that the original design of the phone can still be seen while adding a fun flavor to it by placing a cute pile of cats at the back. It has a slim design so it will feel comfortable in the hand while being able to properly protect your phone from scratches and bumps.

BonToujour iPhone Xs Max Cover

The BonToujour iPhone Xs Max Cover Case is a trendy phone case that a lot of stylish cat lovers will love. The unique thing about this case is the embossed design at the back providing a good grip for the phone. It features cute cat heads and paws on a background of paw prints making it look adorable and fashionable. It is a soft TPU case that is scratch-resistant and has large cutouts for ports for easier access.

Ajour Pty Ltd Flip Wallet Case

Cat lovers who enjoy anime and cartoon designs will love the Ajour Pty Ltd Flip Wallet Case. It is a flip-type cover featuring a cartoon artwork of a group of cats hanging out in a cat condo. It is a beautiful design that will surely attract a lot of attention. This case is also multi-functional since it has slots for important cards and a pocket for bills and receipts. With this case, you don’t have to bring a separate purse anymore.

Toik Kawaii Design Purrmaids Case

The Toik Matching Couple Kawaii Design Purrmaids Case is a perfect choice for cat lovers who love fantasy and adventure. It features two playful mermaid kittens playing in bubbles. Phone owners who do not like the feel of glossy or embossed covers will be delighted with the matte finish of this cute case. It helps minimize the fingerprint marks on the phone and it has raised edges to better absorb shocks in case the phone is dropped. It is lightweight yet sturdy and has precise port holes for easier access. Better still, you and your best friend can match!

Blingy’s iPhone X Case

If one cat is not enough to decorate your phone, you will be glad to know that there is no shortage of cats in Blingy’s iPhone X Case/iPhone Xs Case. Although it is filled with cats, it still looks adorable and doesn’t look tacky. It is printed with a pattern of cute cats in different lazy positions and a beautiful color combination of white, grey, black, and orange. It is made from high-quality TPU rubber, which protects the phone from scratches and accidental dents.

KIOMY iPhone 6S Case

The KIOMY iPhone 6S Case is a unique case that is minimalist and stylish at the same time. It has a full black color, giving it subtlety, while the isolated cat nose and whiskers at the back, together with the cute kitty ears at the top, give it a fun and adorable twist. It is made from high-quality silicone that is soft to the touch and, at the same time, shockproof and scratch-resistant. It has precise cuttings for the port areas, so you can plug the charger and earphones into the phone with ease.

Befosson iPhone 7 Case

The Befosson iPhone 7 Case Cat is a cute phone case that is perfect for teens and anyone who doesn’t shy away from flamboyant designs. It is a phone case that is shaped like a cat. This may be bulkier than most phone cases but it can protect the phone more against bumps, scratches, and shocks when dropped. The case is made from soft and flexible silicone that is comfortable to the hand. The contours of the cat help in providing a good grip for the phone.

A cute phone cover can make a good fashion statement as well as be a good protective layer for your phone. Just make sure to choose one that is made of durable material and is of high quality. Some covers can be overdecorated and bulky and can even negatively affect the phone’s performance. So it’s better to steer clear of those kinds of covers. Also, make sure that you are choosing the right phone cover for your phone model to avoid frustrations and extra costs. Beautiful phone covers make the usage of the phone more pleasant, so choosing the right design that makes you happy truly counts.