Your Pets Will Go Gaga Over These Feathered Cat Toys

Indoor cats may be safe and sound at home but they can get bored too sometimes. One way to keep them happy and healthy is to provide them with a stimulating environment and toys to engage in and play with. You can give them scratching posts, balls, and of course, some feathered cat toys.

Feathered toys can come in different forms. Some are attached to a wand that you can use to tease your cats and have them chase the ‘prey’ all over the room. This will create a great bonding moment between you and your pet. Some feathered toys are battery-operated, and your pet can have fun swatting and batting the feathers even when you’re out for work or have a quick run for the groceries. If you’re looking for affordable options, there are also packs of balls available with attached feathers so your pets can roll and chase the balls all they want without breaking the bank.

If you need some ideas of fun feathered cat toy favorites, take a look at our list below, and you might see something that your pets may like.

Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser

If you need a longer wand toy to amuse your kitty, the Pet Fit For Life Multi Feather Teaser is for you. It is an extra-long wand measuring 33 inches long. But do not worry about how you are going to store a wand this long because it is made of two parts that you can break apart for easier storage. It comes with two feather toys, too, so you can have a backup in case one has already been worn ragged by your cat. This wand also comes with a soft foam handle making it easy to grip and hold.

SmartyKat Toss-a-Fox Feathered Cat Toy

Is it a fox? Is it a bird? No, it is the SmartyKat Toss-a-Fox Feathered Cat Toy. If you’re looking for a cute but budget-friendly feather toy for your cat, you should get this one. Half of the toy’s body is covered with multiple feathers that will naturally pique your cat’s interest. The upper half of the toy has a cute little fox head made of plush material. It is a stylish fox, too, because it has long furry lashes that will attract your pet’s attention.

Petlinks HyperNip Zippy Zebra Toy

Your pets will go crazy for The Petlinks HyperNip Zippy Zebra Toy but in a good way. It contains HyperNip™, a special blend of catnip and silvervine, which is more potent and will be great even for the most finicky cats. Silvervine is a wild herb with a strong effect on cats, even to those who don’t like catnip. Shaped like a shuttlecock, this toy has extra-long feathers and a weighted zebra head with a bushy mane made from faux fur that will surely attract your cats.

PetFavorites Furry Rattle Ball Pack

The PetFavorites Furry Rattle Ball pack will add a burst of color to your home. It is a set of six colorful balls that are easy to spot in your home in case your cats hide them in awkward places like they love to do. The balls are made from a super soft and lightweight fabric that is gentle on their teeth and paws. As an added fun feature, each ball has a feather tail and a rattle noisemaker inside. Your kitties won’t be able to resist playing with these balls even. Having multiples means they can always have a ball in case they lose one.

WingPet Interactive Cat Toy

The WingPet Interactive Cat Toy is not your ordinary feather toy. It is a 3-in-1 toy that can play with your pet even when you are not around. This battery-operated toy has a feather wand at the top that will automatically rotate while the feather ball inside the dome will move randomly. Along with the fun feather movements, a ball will also roll randomly inside the dome. All of these movements will get your pets’ attention and stimulate their hunting instincts. This toy provides a great bonding moment for multiple felines too.

OurPets Corknip Feathered Toy Wand

The OurPets Corknip All-Natural Compressed Catnip Feathered Toy Wand is a unique toy. It uses ‘Corknip’, which is a combination of cork and catnip. The appealing texture of a cork and the aromatic scent of catnip will make your pets go crazy over this toy. Because of the Corknip’s presence along with the feathers, your pets will now be able to satisfyingly bite and chew on this feathered toy wand. This toy also comes in a beautiful yellow and blue design which is attractive to your cats, they will be hunting it as soon as they see it!

Leaps & Bounds Feathered Fish Cat Toy

The Leaps & Bounds Feathered Fish Cat Toy may not be a real prey animal, but it will feel like one for your cats. It is shaped like a Japanese fighter fish with long and elaborate feathers that your pets will absolutely love. You can use it for a little teasing game with your kitty. The body of the fish is wrapped in mesh material which provides a unique texture as your cat chews on it. To make it more appealing, catnip is also added inside the toy, so it’s fun for all the senses.

Migipaws Cat Toy

The Migipaws Cat Toy is an interactive and automatic Whack-a-Mole-style game designed to entertain and engage indoor cats. It features seven holes from which colorful feathers, powered by AI, randomly pop out on the top and sides, enticing cats to play. The toy is equipped with a smart sensor that detects a cat’s presence within 5 inches, activating the feathers to move in and out automatically. Additionally, it has a convenient auto-off function that shuts the toy down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

The feathers are designed to be three times more durable than standard ones, withstanding a cat’s sharp claws. Migipaws also include four refill feathers to extend the toy’s life. The upgraded rechargeable battery and motor significantly increase the toy’s lifespan, with a 2-hour charge providing around 7 days of playtime, assuming 30 minutes of daily use.

Safety and instinctual development are key aspects of this toy’s design. The materials are cat-friendly, and the holes are shallow with smooth edges to protect your cat’s paws, enhancing their natural catching and swatting behaviors. The toy also encourages DIY creativity by allowing owners to create a cardboard box toy with holes for additional play options.

It’s important to let your pets play with their favorite feathered toys so they will use their natural instincts and stay happy and mentally stimulated. By chasing and playing with their favorite toy, they can have some exercise while having fun, and this will help them manage their weight too. They will be flying through the air after their feathered toys with boundless excitement, so make sure they don’t hurt themselves by being too exuberant!