JammieCat.com is fur lucky cats and cat owners, cat keepers, cat guardians, cat servents, cat minders and cat lovers. We love cats and we know that you do too (or you’re on the wrong website). If you’re always on Instagram and Pinterest following celebrity cats like Lil Bub, Cole & Marmelade, Maru and Grumpy Cat, and wondering where all those cats get all their cool gear!? Well you’ve found the ‘secret stash’ or ‘toy box’ of the celebrities for Carriers & Bedding, Cat Themed Gifts, Food & Feeding, Grooming & Health and Training & behavior.

Our website is a collection of cat related products that we love, either because it’s been endoursed by a celebrity cat, we’ve used it with our cat and it’s very popular or we know it’s going to be the next big thing for cat kind and will most likely be even more popular with your cat.

Not everything on the site is fur your feline friend, some of the products reviewed are just for you who loves your cat and want the world (or just the people in your house) to know it.

We are constantly following celebtity cats and watching product trends so we can add fresh new product reviews to our website. If there’s any topic in particular you’d love to see covered, please let us know on our Contact page.

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