Cute Tech Gifts for Cat Lovers

In modern times, innovations and technology are being developed at a rapid pace. Several gadgets are released into the market and more people are now using smartphones as an essential part of their lives. Of course, cat lovers are no exception to these trends. Cat lovers who are up to date with the latest technology will appreciate some cute tech gifts to go along with their gadgets.

If you have a special someone in your life who loves both cats and technology, you don’t have to splurge a lot to show your appreciation. There are a lot of budget-friendly accessories available on the market that you can choose from to give to this special person.

Be it the newest iPhone or the hottest Android phone on the market, we have found something that will go along with these gadgets. Take a look and see if there is something that inspires you to give to a special person in your life.

JBBERTH Cats SmartPhone Holder

Have you ever thought about having a bunch of small cats holding your phone for you as you watch your favorite TV series or YouTube videos? That can be possible with the JBBERTH 6 Pack Smart Phone Holder. It is a set of six cats with different colors that you can use as a stand for your phone, thanks to a suction cup in front of their paws and their tails to support the weight. Made from PVC material, it is an entertaining and cute alternative to those plain phone stands in the market.

AIRSPO Airpods Case

For a buddy that keeps losing Airpods, you can give them the AIRSPO Airpods 7-in-1 Airpods Accessories Set. It is an affordable set that comes with a lot of helpful accessories such as an Airpod strap that can be placed around the neck to prevent the Airpods from falling, a watch band holder where the Airpods can be stored temporarily, and silicone ear hooks to secure the Airpods in place while doing some rigorous exercise. The set comes with a hard travel case and a soft silicone case, printed with cute kitty patterns, that protect the gadgets inside from scratches and bumps.

Awin Case for Airpods

Protect your Airpods in a cute way by using the Awin Case for Airpods Case. It is a budget-friendly case that is made of high-quality silicone to protect the contents inside from shock, damage, and scratches. The case is shaped like a minimalist kitty face with a nose and whiskers on the front and cute cat ears at the top. Its black color allows it to blend well in a lot of outfits. The case comes with a durable carabiner to secure it in place while protecting the contents from thieves.

Bubblegum Stuff Cat Selfie

Want to take a selfie with your cat, but your kitty is just simply not interested? You need to try using the Bubblegum Stuff Cat Selfie. It is a nifty gadget that you can attach to your phone to attract your cat’s attention as you take the picture, thanks to its hanging bell that your curious cat can never resist looking at. It is a clever way to get your cat to look at the camera and have that adorable selfie. This accessory is reversible, too, so you don’t have to worry about which side to use. Now, you can have fun photos together with your pet that you can share on all your social media accounts.

Blingy’s iPhone 11 Case

For cat-loving friends who are always updated with the latest Apple release, give them the Blingy’s iPhone 11 Case. It is a cute case designed with a bunch of adorable cats piled on top of each other. The great thing about it is that even though it has a cute design, the phone’s original sleek design won’t be hidden from view because the case’s background is transparent. It is made from high-quality TPU rubber that is comfortable in the hand and can protect the phone from scratches and bumps.

Leaper Cat Face Laptop Backpack

Travel in style by using the Leaper Cat Face Laptop Backpack. It is a cute bag printed with a pattern of colorful cat heads that will surely gather a lot of attention. Students will find the many compartments of this backpack useful. It has a large padded pocket with a Velcro strap that can fit laptops measuring up 14 inches in length. It also has a main compartment that can accommodate textbooks, clothes, and other essentials. Two side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella are also available. You can also place smaller items in the front pocket of the bag. The backpack has an ergonomic back panel and adjustable padded shoulder straps for comfortable usage.

KIOMY Cat iPhone 7/8 Case

The KIOMY Cat iPhone 7/8 Case is a unique phone case that is minimalist and stylish at the same time. It has a full black color, giving it subtlety, while the isolated cat nose and whiskers at the back, together with the cute kitty ears at the top, give it a fun and adorable twist. It is made from high-quality silicone that is soft to the touch and, at the same time, shockproof and scratch-resistant. It has precise cuttings for the port areas so you can plug the charger and earphones into the phone with ease.

Smooffly Funny Cat Mousepad

You can make working or studying hours more fun by using the Smooffly Funny cat Mousepad. It features a cute kitty peeking at you while you’re busy working on your computer. It has a fine-textured surface so that the mouse can glide over it effortlessly while the rubber backing helps to keep the mouse pad in place. The soft surface is comfortable on hands and wrists, and it is easy to clean too.

Aresrora Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphones

Kids will love the cat-themed design of the Aresrora Wireless Bluetooth Kids Headphones. It is a comfortable headset that is created to limit the volume to a safe level to protect the hearing of the little ones. It is a durable and foldable headset that can be easily chucked inside a school bag. Using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the headphones can be used without cords for hands-free calls and listening. For devices that do not have Bluetooth capability, a 3.5mm cable is included in the package to be used for these devices.

Tech gifts are very trendy nowadays, especially with the social media boom and the advent of technology. Cat lovers who are into the techie stuff will surely appreciate these gifts, especially if they are cat-themed. So go ahead and spoil your favorite person with some of the items we’ve listed above, or spoil yourself! If you’ve chosen to look for other items, make sure that they are durable and of good quality so that they will last for a long time.