Cat Privacy Screens – Yes You Read That Right, Your Cat Needs Privacy Even If They Don’t Give You Any

Litter boxes come in many forms, but some cats don’t like being in enclosed litter boxes. That’s why open litter boxes are preferable for them. But sometimes, these can be unsightly to look at, especially when there are guests. Having no enclosure for your kitty’s litter box may mean less privacy for your cat, especially in a busy household. That’s why cat privacy screens are very helpful in these scenarios. Aside from privacy, these screens also protect your home from tracking litter and from kitties who over-spray.

There are different styles and designs available for cat privacy screens. Some important factors you need to consider when getting one are the size, durability, material, and design. Since it will be displayed in your home instead of the litter box, it should be able to blend well in your home or look good as part of the décor. It should also be large enough to fully cover the litter box and your cat behind it. Here are some of our favorite cat privacy screens, which we hope you and your kitty might like too.

PetFusion ModestCat Litter Box Privacy Screen

You can give your cat the privacy she needs while still keeping your house’s theme consistent when you get the PetFusion ModestCat Litter Box Privacy Screen. This is a simple screen with a minimalist design in neutral colors, so it will perfectly blend in a lot of homes. It is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and made with a bamboo frame and scratch-proof plastic panels. This flexible screen is large enough to cover large litter boxes and is easy to clean. It also comes with anti-slip pads at the bottom to keep it secure and stable.

Kitty Planet Privé Kitty Litter Screen – Floral Design

If you want a litter screen that is more fun and decorative with a vintage vibe, then you should check out the Kitty Planet Privé Kitty Litter Screen – Floral Design. This stylish screen features a beautiful floral design with a couple of kittens to make your living room more cheerful. The side panels can be adjusted to fit most commercially available litter boxes. It also has bottom tabs where you can place the litter box to make the screen more stable.

Kitty Planet Privé Kitty Litter Screen – Palace Design

If you prefer vintage architectural designs, then you should choose the Privé Kitty Litter Screen – Palace Design. It features an elegant palace on the front side of the screen and a striped pattern at the back. This litter screen is 15 inches tall and 19 inches wide, with adjustable side panels measuring 5.5 inches each. It is made from durable gameboard material that is easy to clean. It can accommodate most commercially available litter boxes.

Palram Pets Max Cat Litter Box Nightstand Enclosure

The Palram Pets Max Cat Litter Box Nightstand Enclosure is a multi-functional piece of furniture designed to discreetly house a cat’s litter box while providing additional storage and surface space. It features a smart design with a particle board top and no bottom, including an extra shelf for storage. This enclosure is effective at hiding litter messes and containing odors, designed to cover a standard-size litter box (not included).

The enclosure can double as a stylish nightstand, coffee table, or magazine table, seamlessly integrating into any room’s decor. It is more durable than plastic, made from a highly rigid composite material that is both lightweight and easy to move. The dimensions are suitable for litter boxes up to 15.5 by 18.5 inches, and the top can support up to 170 pounds. The product comes in white, weighs 15.85 pounds, and has a modern style. It arrives flat-packed with instructions for assembly.

Having the right cat privacy screen can give your cat some peace while doing their business without being enclosed in a tight space. Just make sure to get the right size so that your cat can comfortably hide behind it. Along with the litter box, place the cat privacy screen in a strategic place in your home, most preferably in a low-traffic area. Check that the screen is secure so that it won’t get accidentally knocked over and topple on your pet.