Crazy Cool Cat Themed Gifts To Catify Your Home

If you’re a cat lover or if you know someone who loves cats, you know that their houses are decked out not only with supplies and knick-knacks for the kitties, but also with cat-themed decorations like doormats, pillows, blankets, and so many others. After all, who could resist these adorable furballs? As a friend, you can contribute to this passion by giving your friends some more gifts for home decoration.

The options for cat-themed gifts in the market, both online and physical, are almost unlimited. You can find lots of items like kitchen utensils, bathroom essentials, clothes, accessories, and living room items that are printed or designed with adorable feline faces. You can opt to give decorative pieces, practical things, or a combination of both to your friend. To give you some fun ideas for these kinds of gifts, take a look at our list below and see if you can find one that your friend will like.

Home ‘n Gifts Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Spice up your kitchen with the Home ‘n Gifts Kitty Cat Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set. It features a cute little cat holding the salt and pepper shakers for you so you can easily find them when needed. The kitty is hand-crafted from cold cast resin, while the shakers are made from glass. This set is a perfect gift for cat lovers who spend a lot of their time in the kitchen cooking, baking, or simply enjoying some food.

Andes Canvas Tote Bag

The Andes Heavy Duty Gusseted Canvas Tote Bag is a great gift to any environmentally conscious cat lover. Tote bags are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and paper bags when shopping or buying groceries. This tote bag is printed with four playful cats in a minimalist design. It may look simple, but it’s actually stylish and cute. It is made from a 12-ounce unbleached canvas with strong stitches, making it a durable bag. It is roomy enough to hold a lot of things that can have a total weight of up to 30 pounds.

Zeronal Cooking Apron

The Zeronal Cooking Apron is a sweet gift that can be given to cat lovers who love to cook, bake, or experiment in the kitchen. It has an adjustable neck and waist strap so it will be comfortable to wear. It has great coverage from the chest to the knees, so your clothes will be protected from spills, food stains, and grease. This is a cute and funny apron, too, since it is filled with a pattern of lazy cats looking at you while you’re busy in the kitchen.

Home ‘n Gifts Decorative Cat Wine Bottle Holder

The Home ‘n Gifts Decorative Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder is a humorous gift for cat lovers who are also wine connoisseurs or who simply enjoy a good bottle of wine after a long day. This holder is designed as a playful kitten chugging on a bottle of wine. It is an interesting decorative piece that will surely catch the attention of guests and family members. It has beautiful details, and it is handcrafted from cold-cast resin.

Gift Style USA Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets

Nothing is funnier than having cat butts sticking out of your fridge. Give your friends the gift of laughter by giving them a set of Gift Style USA Cat Butt Refrigerator Magnets. It is a set of cute fluffy butts from 6 different cat breeds. Each cat has a strong magnet that can securely hold memos, notes, and pictures on any metallic surface. It is perfect for home or office use, and it can make family members and officemates chuckle every time they see it.

World Market Cat Measuring Spoons

Kitchens can be made interesting by using cute utensils such as the World Market Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons. It is a wonderful present for cat lovers who like to cook and bake. These measuring spoons are shaped like cat’s heads with adorable faces that can brighten their day. This set consists of a tablespoon, a teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, and a ¼ teaspoon, all made from durable ceramic. It is a novelty set that can measure ingredients accurately while making cat lovers smile.

Pudding Cabin Silver Cat Ring Holder

If you’re looking for a unique and dainty gift for a cat lover, try checking out the Pudding Cabin Silver Cat Ring Holder. It is a little dish with a silver-colored kitten in the middle. It may be small, but it will look elegant in any dresser, vanity, nightstand, or sink. Crafted from high-quality glazed ceramic, it is the perfect size to not be obtrusive on any surface but spacious enough to hold many rings. You can place rings on it while washing your hands in the sink or as you get ready for bed.

What On Earth Funny Doormat

Let your friends be welcomed by a hilarious mat when you give them the What On Earth Funny Doormat. It features a serious-looking cat with the words, “It’s about time you got home.” It is an adorable mat with feline humor which will surely produce a smile on any cat lover’s face. The mat is lightweight, so it is perfect for indoor use. It is made of soft fabric that is easy to clean. It also has a rubberized backing, so it won’t slide around when you step on it.

Willow Tree Kindness Figurine

The Willow Tree Kindness Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure is a sweet and thoughtful gift that can be given to a special cat lover that you know. It can be given as a memorial gift to honor the good memories of a wonderful kitty who has crossed the rainbow bridge, or it can also be given as an appreciation gift to a kind friend. This beautiful hand-crafted resin figure will serve as a beautiful reminder of a great gesture or a loving memory.

Manual Woodworker Decorative Throw Pillow

Living rooms and bedrooms can be made more fun with the Manual Woodworker Decorative Throw Pillow. It is a soft, woven pillow printed with a sleepy cat and the words “No outfit is complete without cat hair.” Many cat lovers would definitely agree with this funny statement. This decorative pillow will be the perfect accent piece for couches, game rooms, and beds. It is of great quality and is printed with vibrant colors.

Cartener Black Cat Wine Stopper

The Cartener Black Cat Wine Stopper is a quirky and amusing accessory for wine enthusiasts with a sense of humor. Designed to resemble a black cat getting its head stuck in a wine bottle, this bottle stopper not only adds a touch of whimsy to your wine collection but also serves to preserve any leftover wine. The stopper measures 1.6 x 1.1 x 3.6 inches and is made from black silicone, shaped like a cat with its rear end humorously facing outwards.

Cat-themed gifts for home decoration are fun additions to feline lovers’ homes. A house filled with cute cat decorations sounds interesting and exciting. Just make sure that a balance is in place since having too many might not leave enough room for other home essentials and would just end up as clutter. But a combination of practical and decorative cat-themed pieces can add value to a home, especially when given with thoughtfulness by someone who truly cares and understands.