Our Favorite Multi-Cat Feeders

Being in a multi-cat household can be fun and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a lot of adorable kitties? But this exciting lifestyle also comes with a lot of challenges, especially when it comes to mealtimes. Some cats are slow eaters, while some like to gobble up their food in seconds in order to take a bite from other bowls. It’s important for each cat to have a personal space during feeding time in order to avoid fighting and competition. A good multi-cat feeder can help solve these concerns. It usually consists of a number of separate bowls that are placed in a special holder.

Multi-cat feeders nowadays come in various shapes and sizes. There are simple ones, and there are innovative ones. The important things to consider are the number of bowls available, size, durability, material, and ease of maintenance. We’ve listed down some of our favorites, and we hope you’ll like them too.

Etna Wooden Multi-Cat Raised Feeder

The Etna Pet Store Wooden Multi-Cat Raised Feeder is a uniquely designed feeder. The food bowls are elevated so that your cats can eat comfortably, reducing the stress on their joints and neck. It also promotes better digestion for your pets. The elevation helps prevent insects, dirt, and dust from getting into the food. It has three metal food bowls that are removable and dishwasher-safe. The wooden holder is shaped like a cute little kitty making it an adorable item of décor in your home.

Lusifaco Set of 3 Single Elevated Cat Bowls

The Lusifaco Set of 3 Single Elevated Cat Bowls is a versatile and ergonomic feeding solution for cats and small dogs. The raised design of the bowls eases the strain on your pet’s neck and joints, making it especially beneficial for those with arthritis or other physical issues.

Included are three durable, non-leaching, and dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowls, two for food and one for water, making it convenient for all-day use without constant refilling. The feeder is designed to keep the feeding area clean and sanitary, featuring anti-slip feet to minimize noise and movement during mealtime. Crafted from water-resistant bamboo, the stand is both stylish and stable, ensuring that it doesn’t slide and protects your floors. The product is easy to assemble, comes with spare parts, and has been praised for its sturdiness and ease of use.

Petsoigné Cat Feeder with Raised Bamboo Stand

The Petsoigné Basic Cat Bowls with Wooden Stand is a simple and neatly designed multi-cat feeder. The stand elevates the food bowls making it easier for your pets to eat their food and drink water. It also prevents food and water from being spilled onto the floor. It is made of Brazilian bamboo wood that is solid and durable. The bowls are made from food-grade ceramic that is safe for your pets. These are detachable and easy to clean.

Miss Meow Raised Cat Bowls with Stand Feeder

The Miss Meow Raised Cat Dog Bowls with Stand Feeder features a clever, triangular-shaped design that provides stability to the feeding platform. It has removable legs, so it is portable and easy to store. The two sets of legs have different lengths, so you can adjust the height of the feeder based on your cat’s size. This elevated feeder provides the perfect height so that your pets can eat comfortably. This is especially helpful for cats with arthritis, neck, or back problems. The stainless steel bowls are food-grade, rust-resistant, and stain-resistant.

TOYPOPOR 6-Meal Feeder Bowl

If you have more than three pets, then you would need a feeder with more food bowls. The TOYPOPOR 6-Meal Cat Feeder features six food bowls that are connected on their sides to form a decorative flower in your home. It is a great space-saver, compared to having individual food bowls scattered around while still providing each cat enough personal space when eating. This multi-cat feeder is made of durable plastic and is easy to clean.

Fluffy Paws Smart Pet Tri-Feeder

The Fluffy Paws Smart Pet Tri-Feeder is a smart feeder in the sense that it has a central distributor that releases food gradually to each bowl. The bowls have a limited eating surface in order to properly proportion the amount of food your pet will eat. It helps fast-eating pets slow down and enjoy their meal. It also reduces the chances of your pets choking on their food or having indigestion. The central distributor has a food level indicator that allows you to see if it’s time for a refill. The feeder makes use of the germ-repellent microbFENCE technology that prevents bacteria growth in the feeder.

Having multiple cats can be challenging, especially when they get enthusiastic about their food. That’s why finding a good multi-cat feeder will definitely help you as a pet owner. Aside from saving space, it can also promote better behavior and harmony between your cats. Just make sure to keep the bowls and holders clean all the time, especially after use, in order to prevent bacteria growth and to keep your pets healthy.