Keep Your Cat Hydrated With These Water Fountains

Water is an essential part of a cat’s diet and it’s important that cats stay hydrated and must have access to fresh, clean water always. But a lot of cats don’t drink enough water. Water fountains can help address this. The sound of running water can catch their attention and it also entices them to drink more. Aside from that, the water fountain can make sure that the water your cat is drinking is clean due to the filters present in the fountain that can eliminate bad odors and taste.

There are different types of water fountains. Some are simple, while some have a lot of helpful features like LED night lights, water flow settings, and modern filtration systems. To find the right water fountain for your cat, you must consider some important factors, such as the size of the fountain, capacity, ease of use and maintenance, material, safety, and durability. To help you have an idea of some good choices, we’ve listed some of our favorite water fountains for cats.

PETLIBRO App Monitoring Cat Water Fountain

The PETLIBRO App Monitoring Cat Water Fountain with Wireless Pump is an innovative pet hydration device designed to ensure your cat’s health and hydration. The fountain pairs with an app to set hydration goals and monitor your cat’s water intake, providing insights into their health. The PETLIBRO app records detailed hydration data and offers easy-to-understand reports, helping you keep tabs on your cat’s well-being. The fountain has a detachable water tank for simple refilling and a wireless water pump for hassle-free cleaning, avoiding tangled cables. It offers continuous or intermittent flow modes and employs a multi-layer filtration system to remove impurities, requiring filter changes and cleaning every two weeks. The app sends real-time water level updates and reminders for filter changes and cleaning, ensuring your cat stays hydrated. Made with 304 food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free materials, it operates quietly at 23 dB. The pump automatically stops at low water levels with a 130ml emergency reserve to keep your cat hydrated during power outages. The device should be placed on a solid, level floor with minimal vibrations and an 8-inch clearance around it.

HomeRunPet Cat Water Fountain

The HomeRunPet Cat Water Fountain is an innovative little gadget designed with pets in mind. The bowl has a 4.18° angle which helps protect your cat from getting wet and encourages your pet to drink more. It has LED light indicators to show the status of the fountain. The white light means that the fountain will let the water flow continuously until there’s no water left. The blue light means that the fountain will go on an energy-saving mode to pump water every two minutes. The red light means that the fountain needs to be refilled with water. The purple light means the accessories need to be replaced. This quiet fountain also shuts down automatically when it detects that there is a shortage of water, making it safe and energy-saving. It also has a nylon mesh that will catch hair and food particles to keep your pet’s water clean.

PETKIT Cat Water Fountain

The PETKIT Cat Water Fountain will look good in a lot of homes due to its neat and modern design. Aside from that, it also has a lot of helpful features. You can plug it into a power source using a USB cable, and you can also use backup batteries, allowing it to run for 7 days in case of a power outage. The best thing about it is its high-performance triple filtration system, which consists of mesh screens to catch hair and food debris, an activated carbon filter to remove bad odor and taste in water, and ion-exchange resin to reduce the heavy metal ions in the water. The water bowl in it is made from stainless steel, which is FDA-approved.

URPOWER Pet Fountain

For pets who like to drink from a faucet, the URPOWER Pet Fountain would be a great water fountain for them. Its unique design allows water to free-fall from the spout. There is even a valve at the top to control the flow of water. Rotating it clockwise will increase the water flow. At the bottom of the spout is a triangular ramp to reduce the splashing of water and the noise that comes with it. For the longevity of the product, its pump should be cleaned every 2 weeks. A free cleaning brush is included for this.

iPettie Kamino LED Water Fountain

The iPettie Kamino LED Light Pet Water Fountain is a sleek, 3-liter fountain that will look good as home décor. It has a beautiful LED light around the water-level window, which allows you to see the amount of water inside the fountain more easily. It comes with a switch so you can turn the light on and off anytime. It is also a good way for the fountain to be visible at night and avoid being accidentally kicked or toppled over. It is a quiet fountain with a dual filtration system. The cotton sponge filter traps hair, dirt, and food debris, while the carbon filter eliminates bad odor and taste from the water. It comes with a free brush and tweezers to clean the pump.

isYoung Pet Fountain

If you’re looking for a more affordable water fountain for your kitty, then you should check the isYoung Pet Fountain. It is a simple fountain with free-falling water from a spout that entices your cat to drink more water. It has a capacity of 2.5 liters which is great for small- to medium-sized pets. The activated charcoal filter, which purifies the water and catches hair, dirt, and food particles, is replaceable. The fountain runs on low power, consuming about 2 Watts.

Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Looking for a water fountain with a big capacity? Then the Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is for you. It has a water reservoir that can hold up to 168 oz. or 1.3 gallons of water, making it perfect for a multi-cat household with felines of different sizes. It has a rubber bottom to prevent the whole fountain from sliding and tipping over. The water reservoir at the back has an LED night light to help your pets see the fountain and drink more easily in the dark. You can turn the LED light on and off with a switch.

isYoung Cat Fountain

The isYoung Cat Fountain is an automatic fountain designed to encourage hydration in pets, particularly cats, and is appreciated for its quiet operation and ease of use. The fountain’s dimensions are 7.48″L x 7.48″ W x 6.3″H, and it weighs 0.6 kilograms. Made from finely polished PP resin, it’s durable and easy to clean. The fountain is presented in an attractive green color, adding a touch of vibrancy to your pet’s space.

The isYoung Cat Fountain has whisper-quiet functionality; it’s virtually silent unless one is very close to it. Pet owners have reported that their cats are drawn to the fountain and are drinking more water than before, which is a positive sign for their health. The design features a flower from which the water flows and an upgraded model allows for the flower to be twisted off, simplifying the cleaning process. A visible water window helps in monitoring the water level.

Once you’ve chosen the right water fountain for your cat, place it in a location that can be easily accessed by your pet but keep the power cord dry and hidden to prevent damage. Keep it on a flat surface preferably with a mat under to protect your floor from spills. Your cat may not instantly like the water fountain. When introducing this new gadget, allow your pet some time to get used to it. Make sure to also clean the water fountain every other week to keep your pet healthy.